About IDI

We use our 30+ years of experience in the HCM industry working with fantastic partners to deliver peace of mind through simplifying complex workforce data processes and calculations with elegant, client-centered solutions.

IDI Quick Facts:

  • IDI was founded in 1986 by former ADP employees.
  • Our headquarters are in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 
  • Have completed over 28,000 client installations in US and Canada.
  • Over 250 supported interface connections to different HCM applications
  • Developers of Time Bank™ integration software, Quick Time Entry™, GrantAlytics™, and Contractor Central™.

We have helped thousands of companies automate manual and time consuming processes that were previously being done on paper or spreadsheets.  Our products and solutions integrate with Time & Attendance, Payroll, Human Resources, Point-of-Sale, ERP, Mobile, and many other vendor's systems to help enforce your specific pay policies and transfer data.  Many of our products and solutions can also be combined to further enhance and complement each other.

IDI has over 30 years of experience working with 30,000 companies from diverse industries full of employees with intriguing backgrounds that are engaged in creative and philanthropic endeavors. We are happy to be able to support these employees as they continue to do all of the amazing things they do!

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