How do I engage with IDI Sales?

Whether you are the end-user client or an IDI partner, you can reach one of our sales representatives for a free consultation at or by calling 866-846-3226, option #1 for Sales.  Our sales department is available to assist you from 8:30-5:30 PM Eastern time M-F.

An IDI sales representative will always be involved in the sale whether it results in a direct sale (IDI sales order) or a partner reseller sale (ADP sales order).

We collaborate with our partners for the pre-sales analysis and have a series of industry-specific questions to go over with clients to help determine the unique integration or complex logic needs.  We may also ask for sample files or examples.  This will likely be followed up with an internal technical evaluation to determine the feasibility and scope, which will then be reviewed with the client.

When a signed sales order is received by IDI, an IDI Implementation Specialist will be assigned within 48 hours of receipt.  That Implementation Specialist will reach out to the client and any partner on the implementation team to schedule a kick-off call to review timeline and expectations.  

Contact IDI Sales