How do I know if I'm on the most current version of my IDI product?

If you are using one of our IDI hosted web-based solutions, you will receive free upgrades at no cost to you as part of the recurring fee for SaaS (software as a service).

For Time Bank users, if you are currently on our locally-installed legacy Time Bank platform, we need to get you on our latest hosted platform, Time Bank Online, accessed through a web browser.  

Time Bank v. 3, launched in 1998 and containing Microsoft components over 12 years old and at risk of obsolescence, is in the process of being sunsetted.  We’ve been reaching out to over a thousand clients over the past two years in an attempt to proactively migrate everyone to our hosted product, Time Bank Online, before the sunsetting date of 12/31/18.  

A letter went out to clients on the legacy platform in March of 2018 via USPS, and we have also been notifying clients who open support cases.

Although we have successfully migrated many clients, because we are still trying to connect with a number of clients to get their migrations scheduled, we will be finalizing the switchover in 2019.  For remaining clients on the legacy platform who sign a migration sales order, we will continue to support that legacy Time Bank platform (as much as is possible) into 2019 until the migration is completed and Time Bank Online is live.

Your IDI Implementation Specialist will be happy to work within your time frame, however it is to your advantage to schedule the migration as soon as possible as it is much easier to migrate before your legacy platform breaks and you are temporarily without a solution.

To ensure uninterrupted support of your Time Bank solution, you can reach out to Madalyn Ramsey at to start the migration process, or you can use the form submission from the following link on our website to let us know when and how to contact you:

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you to get you on a long-term solution!