How do I send a secure file to IDI?

IDI is now using SendThisFile to send and receive client files. 

When sending files to IDI, please use the following steps:

1. If you are submitting a new support case, please contact support to have a case opened before sending files.

2. Upload the requested file(s) using our Secure File Transfer website SendThisFile.

3. Fill out the following information according to these instructions:

  • “From” box: Enter your email
  • “Recipient” box: Enter
  • “Subject” box: Enter your company name and case number if applicable
  • “Message” box: Enter a description of why you are sending the files and any other pertinent information needed

4. Browse and select the file(s) for upload using the "Choose File" button.

5. Select the "SendThisFile" button to send it.

IDI will receive notification once the files have been uploaded.