How do I setup SFTP/FTP for Time Bank Interfaces?

The following procedures are required when setting up an IDI Time Bank interface with SFTP/FTP/FTP over TLS. 

1. Create the folder TB4RTDLLs on your local C drive. The user must have full permissions/admin rights to the C:\TB4RTDLLs folder. 

2. From the Support→Tools tab in Time Bank Online (shown below), download the WinSCP5.13.2 file. The file must be downloaded, unzipped and saved to the C:\TB4RTDLLs folder. All the WinSCP files must be in the C:\TB4RTDLLs folder. 

3. The WinSCPnet.dll file must be saved to the C:\TB4RTDLLs folder. 

4. Right-click the WinSCPnet.dll file and choose properties. In the Properties window, look for the option to “Unblock” or allow the DLL to be used by Windows. This only needs to be done once for a given computer. If the option to “Unblock” is not present, the DLL is most likely ready to be used already. 

5. Path/Filename (reading/writing files): Recommended local folder is C:\IDI\TBRunTemp. This folder must be set up on the computer that is running Time Bank. The user must have full permissions/admin rights to the folder. The actual filename should reflect the name of the file(s) ) from the FTP server. Wildcard for the filename may be used such as C:\IDI\TBRunTemp\*.csv.

NOTE: Some clients block outside connections and we cannot test this until we are connected with the client. The IDI team will need to host a remote session to run WINSCP and obtain the fingerprint. The fingerprint generated while the IDI team is connected is then put into the table and you can then test the connection in Time Bank Online.