Implementation Success: How do I Test My Time Bank Solution?

Part 1: Preparing to Test

Your Time Bank software has been customized to meet your company's specific needs. Therefore, testing before going live for the first time, or after any changes are made, is extremely important in order to ensure that you get the results you're expecting. To help improve the chances for an efficient and thorough testing phase of Time Bank we recommend the following preparations prior to the implementation of an IDI solution:

  1. Identify and document testing scenarios (test plan) based on your company's different situations.
    1. IDI does unit testing of your solution prior to delivery based on the scenarios in the approved Technical Design Document. However, you are most familiar with all of your different employee types (hourly, salary, other), different pay situations (regular, overtime, holiday, sick, other), pay frequencies (weekly, biweekly, other), etc.
    2. We ask you to come up with a documented test plan with all of the standard and unique situations that Time Bank will be expected to provide calculations and other logic against to ensure the final configuration is performing as expected.
  2. Work with your IT group to ensure your environment is ready for the Time Bank Online application.
    1. Please review the Time Bank Online technical requirements (browser settings, supported browsers, etc.) on the Integrated Design website. 
    2. Please share these requirements with your IT department to make sure you are ready to access Time Bank Online during implementation.

NOTE: We recommend testing for 1 to 2 pay periods before going live.

Part 2: Executing the Test

Once you have taken the steps to prepare to test your solution, follow these steps to execute the test:

  1. Run the process from beginning to end.
  2. If you receive an error message, get a screen shot of the message or write down the exact verbiage and when you received the error. If possible, continue to run the process even if you do receive an error.
  3. If the results are not as expected, determine whether this is tied to a common item: Pay Group, Pay Rule, Pay Code, Department, all employees, a group of employees, one or two employees.
  4. Review the data and make any corrections, if needed. Review any Time Bank mappings and make any corrections if needed.
  5. Run the interface again.
  6. If you didn't receive expected results again, document any error messages and your results.

NOTE: You will need to include a statement of what you expected versus the results you received and the employee IDs for several employees so your Implementation Specialist has an adequate sample in order to review the data and provide you with feedback.

Types of Errors:

When testing, if you receive an error message it is usually due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Incorrect source data (missing employee data or employee classified incorrectly)
    1. If the issue is with only a few employees, it's probably an error with the data you are using to input into Time Bank.
    2. If the source data is incorrect, you will need to correct it before re-running Time Bank.
  2. Configuration error
    1. If the issue is with a whole group of employees, you will likely need a configuration or mapping change, and may need help to correct the issue.

Locating your unique Configuration Documentation:

Before you run Time Bank, refer to your Time Bank Design Document or Configuration Document located on your dashboard by selecting the tab "Support" and then "Documentation." You can select the appropriate PDF file in order to review your specific user process that has been written for you.

TBO support documentation 

Getting Support for your customized Time Bank:

It is important that you contact your first line of Support with detailed information about your issue by using the contact information provided to you at the end of implementation. If that is one of our partners and they cannot resolve this for you, they will escalate all of the information to IDI so that we can assist them with resolving the issue. However, if you are not getting the support you need, contact your IDI Account Manager  who will help facilitate a resolution.

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