Sales Materials: GrantAlytics

Have a non-profit client that is funded by grants, programs, or contracts, making them subject to accountability to those funding sources, causing them to need ongoing visibility and insight across all funded projects?

Our Salary Allocation solution can feed labor data into our budgeting and management tool, GrantAlytics, which allows clients to take a proactive approach to fund management with visibility into actual labor effort, expenses, funding balances, and wage allocations in order to take corrective action sooner rather than later to prevent over or underspending.   

Additional Features:

  • Customizable reports.
  • Outcomes Tracking for accurate forecasting.
  • One dashboard to assign staff to the grant or fund, assign tasks to staff, share notes, and upload copies of receipts or presentations.

Here are materials you can send them to introduce and explain how IDI can partner with you to meet their needs.

IDI Solution Overview- GrantAlytics

GrantAlytics Video

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