What are Data Hosting and Security FAQs?

Q:  How does IDI host product websites and databases?

A:  IDI contracts with Otava to ensure IDI applications and client data are reliably accessible and secure.  You may want to check out Otava's Data Sheet for a closer look: Otava Data Sheet.pdf

Q:  Where are hosting centers/servers located?

A:  IDI's production servers are located in one of Otava's Michigan facilities.  In addition, IDI also utilizes the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) servers in Indianapolis, that provides a co-located solution in the event of a disaster.

Q:  What happens if an IDI web product crashes?

A:  IDI backs up all client configurations nightly; these backups are maintained for 14 days.  In addition, IDI also takes advantage of the Disaster Recovery service offered by Otava.  In the unlikely event that a web server or a database server should crash catastrophically making our websites and/or clients’ data unavailable, IDI will be notified by the hosting center.  At that point, IDI can bring up the DR servers, make some configuration changes to make it Live, and have the websites/data available to our clients again in a short amount of time.

Q:  Is IDI SOC1, SOC2 compliant?

A:  Yes, Otava is SOC1 and SOC2 compliant, as well as SOC3, HIPPA, PCI, and ISO 27001 compliant.  These accreditations deliver a hosting environment that is reliable, compliant and secure, and provides the highest level of protection for our applications and sensitive client data.

Q:  What is IDI's Privacy Policy?

A:  Privacy Policy

Q:  What is IDI's Acceptable Use Policy?

A:  Acceptable Use Policy

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