What are typical Time Bank solutions by industry?

Thousands of our clients use Time Bank to enforce their specific business rules and transfer data between hundreds of employee data systems including, payroll, human resources, time and attendance, point-of-sale, job costing, accounting, mobile data collection and many other applications.

Here are a few examples of typical Time Bank solutions by Industry:

  • Prevailing Wage Logic
  • Fringe Reduction Logic
  • Union Fringe and Deduction logic
  • Post-Payroll Job Costing Integration (with Sage, Viewpoint, Foundation, etc.)
  • Certified Payroll Reporting
  • Mobile Data Collection Integration
  • Salary Allocations Across Grants (or other funds)
  • PTO/Overtime Allocations to Grants (or other funds)
  • FLSA Overtime Logic (semi-monthly, prior period, or OT redistribution)
  • Piece Rate Logic (minimum wage guarantee, group rate calculations)
  • Step Pay (or wage progression) Logic
  • Importing Punches or Production Information from other systems into a Time and Attendance System
  • Complex Commission and Bonus Logic
  • Retro FLSA Logic
  • Restaurant/Hospitality
    • POS Integration
    • NY Spread of Hours Logic
    • Tip Allocation/Pooling
    • Minimum Wage Guarantee Logic
  • Automotive:
    • Job Cost/ERP Integration
    • Technician/Flag Pay
    • Complex Commission and Bonus Logic
  • Agriculture
    • Piece Rate Logic (with minimum wage guarantee)
    • Weighted Average Sick and Break Pay
  • Any Industry
    • Semi-Monthly FLSA Logic
    • Blended Rate / Weighted Average OT logic
    • Custom Reports
    • API Development and 3rd party Integrations with new systems

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