What can I expect from my IDI Client Account Manager?

Once you are out of implementation, you will be transitioned over to support and informed that your IDI Account Manager will be reaching out to check-in and make sure you're completely satisfied with your IDI product(s) and service.

Your Account Manager is not a technical resource, but will be an ongoing resource for the life of your relationship with IDI and can help resolve issues as needed.

Because we care, you will also be receiving customer satisfaction surveys at regular intervals to ensure that you remain happy with our product and service.  Please take the time to answer the brief surveys as that is one way your Account Manager will know if there are any outstanding issues that need attention.

To ensure your Account Manager has the most up-to-date information about your account, please use the form below to notify us of any changes.  

Note:  Using the form below only updates your customer record.  If you need assistance with adding or removing a user from the portal, you can follow the instructions here: How do I set up a new Time Bank Online User?

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