What can I expect with an IDI implementation?

IDI engages at the most advantageous point your implementation cycle – If you are implementing new HCM systems, we’ll be engaged after you’ve completed your Client Analysis, your rules have been defined, and most of your system configuration is done.  That way your framework is in place and we can incorporate your IDI requirements.

Here are the steps you can expect:

  1. Internal IDI Sales to IDI Implementation transition meeting – When we receive your order, it is assigned to a Data Integration Analyst.  The DIA is responsible for gathering detailed requirements, creating the Design Document and configuring your solution.   The DIA will have a handoff meeting with the IDI Sales Associate to get a recap of what transpired during the sales cycle and a high level overview of what was purchased.
  2. Intro call – Your assigned DIA will schedule a call to introduce themselves and do a requirements review.  Depending on the complexity of your solution, this call may be a quick 30 minute intro or it may lead to further requirement gathering sessions.  We have found that this initial call is crucial to success because it provides us with an opportunity to identify any discrepancies between what you are expecting from your IDI solution and what we understand as your requirements.
  3. Documentation of your solution – We will create a Technical Design Document that clearly and concisely states what our solution will provide. You’ll have the opportunity to give feedback and ask questions. It’ll be your responsibility to make sure the final version accurately reflects your requirements and expected results. This is a milestone. At this point we’ll give you the configuration completion date. 
  4. Configuration – Based on the complexity and number of data flows, this phase is typically 15 to 25 business days.  This includes IDI development, configuration and internal unit testing.
  5. Test Plan Design – We cannot stress enough how important this part is!  We expect you to create and share your test plan with IDI before we complete your configuration; this ensures you’re ready to begin testing as soon as we make the solution available to you.  No matter how much internal testing we do before releasing it to you, the best testing is done by you.  You are the experts in your business processes and you have the most experience with dealing with those unique scenarios that arise.  So, while we are working on your configuration, we ask that you work on your internal test plan.  Your DIA will provide you with some more details on how to create a test plan.
  6. Training & Implementation – Your DIA will take you through a hosted session and show you how to run and maintain your solution.
  7. User Testing – This is a critical milestone.  This is when we expect you to execute your test plan and your parallel tests. We expect to receive feedback from you in 5-7 business days. At the end of your testing, we’ll ask you to confirm your results are as expected.
  8. Transition – Your Implementation DIA will transition you to support.  At that time you’ll be introduced to your IDI Account Manager, who will follow up with you approximately 30-60 days later.

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