What do I need to do for the summer 2022 Time Bank release to avoid service disruption?

ACTION REQUIRED: IDI's Time Bank Online product release on June 25th, 2022 contains important security updates. Because of the scope of this release, for those clients using our file transfer utility, TBXfer, you will need to go through the steps to download and install the latest version of TBXfer AFTER June 25th but BEFORE August 20th to avoid service disruption. 

ACTION REQUIRED: If you are an IDI client using our locally installed premise version of Time Bank (TB v. 4), you will need to download and install the Time Bank Premise Application package AFTER June 25 but BEFORE August 20, 2022 to avoid service disruption.

  •   See NOTE below for link to downloadable files

ACTION REQUIRED: If you are an IDI client using Time Bank Online and have scheduled events on your own computer, you will need to download and install the TBLA (TBRTWin.exe) package AFTER June 25 but BEFORE August 20, 2022 to avoid service disruptions.  

NOTE:  Visit this article in our client portal for links to all of the downloadable files mentioned above: 



Q: What is Time Bank Transfer (TBXfer)?

A: Time Bank Online requires access to your local PC to read and write data (files, API, database, etc.). The Time Bank Transfer application is used to provide the ability to read and write data. 

Q: What is Time Bank Local Application (TBLA)?

A: The Time Bank Local Application (TBLA) is used to schedule Time Bank Online links to run automatically.

Q: I was on ClickOnce until recently but was told I needed to upgrade to TBXfer and have done so -- am I all set?

A:  No, getting onto the current version of TBXfer prior to June 25th bought you some time as you will now have until August 20th to upgrade to the version that is only available AFTER June 25th. Had you not moved off of ClickOnce prior to June 25th, you wouldn't have been able to run payroll starting June 25th. 

Q: I don't know which version of TBXfer I'm on. How can I tell?

A: Unless you have upgraded between June 25th and August 20th, you are NOT on the most current version of TBXfer, which is version 4.10. You can find the version number at the top left of the application as shown below. If you have a version lower than v. 4.10 as shown below, then you need to update to 4.10.

Q: I'm getting an error message when trying to process payroll -- how do I know if it's because I'm on the wrong version of TBXfer?

A: Some of the error messages you might see are as follows below. If you receive any of these, please follow the instructions to install TBXfer or submit a support ticket via our Web Form for assistance.

  • ClickOnce error message:
    • “ClickOnce was used by Time Bank Online to access your local PC to read and write files. ClickOnce is old technology no longer supported by Microsoft.  For security reasons, Time Bank Online will no longer support ClickOnce. In 2017 Time Bank Transfer (TBXfer) was developed to replace the ClickOnce functionality. For more information, please refer to https://idi-resource-center.idesign.com/help/tbo-users-when-is-clickonce-being-sunsettedGraphical user interface, text, application 
Description automatically generated
  • Database connection error in the run-log:
    • “FATAL: Method not found: 'System.Collections.IEnumerator DTParamsDataTable.GetEnumerator()“

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