What files do I need to download to run Time Bank?

Below are the links to download any of the required tools to run your Time Bank Solution. Documentation for these tools can be found within the Time Bank Online or Premise interface, from within the Support > Documentation section.  

Please check out our Product Documentation for more information prior to installing. These files cannot be downloaded from a Firefox browser. If you are utilizing Firefox, please switch to Chrome or Edge to download these files. 

Select your Product Description below to Download the Files.

Time Bank Transfer (TBXfer)
Time Bank Online requires access to your local PC to read and write data (files, API, database, etc.). The Time Bank Transfer application is used to provide the ability to read and write data. 

Check out the following article for more information: What is the transfer application TBXfer?

Download the TBXfer install package here:

Download TBXfer x64

Download TBXfer x86

Time Bank Local Applications (TBLA)
The Time Bank Local Application (TBLA) is used to schedule Time Bank Online links to run automatically.

Check out the following article for more information: What is the Time Bank Local Application (TBLA)?
Download the TBLA (TBRTWin.exe) install package here:

Download TBLA - Time Bank Local App x86

Download TBLA - Time Bank Local App x64

Time Bank Premise
Download Time Bank Premise Install Package here. Please download onto the PC or server your TIme Bank is installed on:

Download Time Bank Premise Application (zipped)


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