What happens when I contact IDI Support?

Once support is contacted by email or by phone, our Triage Helpdesk Associate opens a case/ticket.

  • You will be notified via email that your case has been opened and you will be asked for any additional information needed in order to set the correct priority level. Questions you will likely be asked:
    • (If not payroll) What processes are impacted?
    • Deadline/next run?
    • Do you have a work around?
    • How many employee’s are impacted?
  • Your case is placed in the support queue.
  • Your case will be grabbed by a Technical Support Analyst based on priority and the order it was received: What is IDI's Service-Level Agreement or Support SLA? 
  • The Technical Support Analyst who grabs your case will notify you they are working on your case and will request any additional information needed in order to troubleshoot.

What can you do to help expedite a resolution to your Support Case?

  • When opening a case with IDI Support, particularly if using email, you can help set the correct priority level by answering the questions mentioned in the bullet points above.
  • For urgent issues, if you aren't getting a quick response via email due to volume of cases coming in that day, try calling, and vice versa.
  • Reference the Case/Ticket Number when discussing a particular issue, and if a new issue arises, utilize the new Case/Ticket Number.
  • If you also have a related support case opened with one of our partners, reference that case number when speaking with our support team.
  • Feel free to pull your Account Manager into the thread if you have a lingering issue, but remember that while your Account Manager is a resource for the life of your relationship with IDI, they are not part of our Technical Support Team; however, they have a very collaborative relationship with our Support Team members and can work together to make sure you get what you need.