What is daily detail?

For construction companies working on Davis-Bacon Act projects the company agrees to provide Certified Payroll Reports that demonstrate they paid the employees the contract mandated wages and benefits.  The report must be submitted to the government agency that funded the project and in the required format of the agency.

The Certified Payroll Reports must be broken out by week and include daily detail, or each individual day's hours, rates and benefits earned by the employee who worked on the project during the week.  

Most companies only need to pass a pay period summary to payroll of hours worked for different jobs or projects, but construction companies working on government-funded jobs need to include daily detail to demonstrate that you paid the proper wages and fringe benefits for each day of the week ( e.g. Monday 4 hours Job A, 4 hours Job B, Tuesday 9 hours Job C, etc.).

This requirement creates hours of manual work for compliance to avoid a Department of Labor violation.

IDI can help automate this process.

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