What is GrantAlytics?

GrantAlytics is our grant budgeting and management solution fully integrated with your time and payroll modules.

GrantAlytics is designed for Non-Profits, Research and Development, and other grant-based organizations to provide dashboards, reporting, and other tools so you can quickly gain clarity on how each grant is performing and why with actual data from your time and payroll systems, not estimates. 

With GrantAlytics you will have better visibility of labor effort, expenses, funding balances, and wage allocations so you can take corrective action as well as justify through reports to your funding sources that grants are performing as expected.  Features include non-labor expense import capability and milestone and outcomes tracking. 

We believe you will be pleased with how much time money, effort, and anxiety from audits this tool will save you!

GrantAlytics can also be a complement to other IDI solutions and products.

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GrantAlytics One-Page Overview (PDF)