What is the transfer application TBXfer?

If your solution requires a read or write exchange between your local environment and Time Bank Online, you'll need to download the Time Bank transfer application, TBXfer.

TBXfer is a separate application that must be downloaded and installed to the local environment in order for Time Bank Online to access your local PC to read and write data (files, database, etc.). 

TBXfer allows Time Bank Online to be compatible with multiple browsers, such as the latest version of Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.

While TBXfer is installed on your local machine, your browser page is what is communicating with TBXfer over port 80.  Nothing EXTERNAL ever calls into TBXfer.  All communication is initiated by/requested by TBXfer calling out to Time Bank Online.  The IP address for our hosted Time Bank Online application is

The transfer application ClickOnce has been sunsetted, so if you are still using ClickOnce, to avoid service disruption, please download TBXfer to your local environment now.

Note: TBXfer should run without issues in a terminal services environment; however, TBXfer has not been tested in a Citrix (virtual desktop) environment. If you have multiple users on Citrix that are sharing the same ports, then you might have to run TBXfer on demand rather than having it run all the time in the background. The setup will depend on the Citrix configuration and if each user can use their own ports, etc.

Please use the following link and instructions below to install the latest version of TBXfer:  What files do I need to download to run Time Bank?

NOTE:  If you already have a version of TBXfer installed on your computer, you will want to uninstall it before installing the latest version.

Uninstalling TBXFer:

1. On your Windows desktop, please type in the search field please type TBXfer.

2. Click the uninstall tab (you will need admin rights to do this in some cases)

3. Scroll down to TBXfer Rt.click and hit uninstall

4. Reboot your PC

5. Then install the latest version of TBXfer by using the files found here:  What files do I need to download to run Time Bank?

If you attempt to install the program and get an error message or a pop up asking you to enter credentials, then you are not local admin for your device and must contact your IT department for assistance.

1a. If you are not Local Admin on your computer, please ask your IT to follow these steps -

1. Open the command prompt by typing ‘CMD’ in the search window on your taskbar.

Once the Command Prompt application icon appears, right-click on the

application and select the ‘Run as an Administrator’ option.

2. Enter this command: NETSH HTTP ADD URLACL URL=http://localhost:80/tbxfer user=Everyone

3. You will get a message that states the install was successful

1b. If you are Local Admin on your computer, you can follow these steps to ensure TBXfer runs as needed –

1. Find TBXfer in the Program bar, located in the ‘IDI’ folder

2. Right-click and select More -> “Open file location

3. Right-click on TBXfer.exe and select Properties

4. Select the Compatibility tab

5. Select “Run this program as an administrator

6. Select “OK”

2. Pop-Up Blocker

If pop-ups aren't allowed from https://www.timebankonline.com/TBCFGWEB/ then it will be unable to connect to TBXfer and the process will not work. Please ensure pop-ups are allowed from https://www.timebankonline.com/TBCFGWEB/.

3. Test the TBXfer Connectivity (very important final step!)

1. Open Time Bank Online: https://www.timebankonline.com/TBCFGWEB/

2. Select the Support tab then select the IDI Support tab

3. Select “Test TBX Connectivity

For more instructions and tips about installing and running TBXfer, check out the Time Bank Online Quick Guide.

For full product documentation, see Time Bank Online Requirements.

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